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Amp You Up!

REQUEST a case review

We have had our greatest success when appeals are generated by patients themselves once a prosthetic denial has occurred. There is no fee for our services. Learn how it works below!



Send us a message


Set an appointment

You will be contacted by a lead advocate to set up a consultation for your case review.

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Build the case

Provide copies of any communication from the insurance company related to the denial.


AmpYouUp! will jointly compose powerful correspondence with the patient to present the best case for appeaL.


Submit an appeal

The appeal will be submitted by the patient personally.

In many cases, this initial appeal will be met by a second denial on the basis of "policy." It is this second level of appeal that provides the greatest opportunity to make the case for approval!

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AmpYouUp! will advocate for you through the entire process


Please include:

1.  Name

2.  Contact Information (address & phone number)

3.  Type of prosthetic device denied

4.  Insurance company involved

5.  Date of denial

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